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LOTFITS helps homebuilders, developers, and contractors “right fit” customer home selections with lots in their communities in a 3D environment. The home, options and site elevations are generated in 3D during customer interaction.

Our patented 'FIT' technology allows your engineering team to plan the community and the sales team to show the customers actual home with options on lots that fit!


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LOTFITS solves the critical problem of knowing whether a home and home options will fit in a lot or lots within a development. This is a major pain point for all homebuilders.

Customer Experience

LOTFITS helps your sales team find the perfect lot for the home and options their customers desire. With LOTFITS, the customer experience is enhanced!


Fit Technology

No more embarrassing and costly mistakes after the fact. LOTFITS takes the guesswork out of knowing if your customers home will work on the lot or lots they desire.


Find a Lot

Is your customer sold on a home but unsure of a lot? LOTFITS will analyze your development and find all the lots that will fit their desired house and options!

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Save Time and Money!

LOTFITS eliminates lot fit errors and reduces the cost of engineering fees asscoiated with a new community lot fit!

Maximize Revenue Potential!

Enable your sales team to know what will fit on each lot. This will allow for upsale opportunites with INSTANT fit indication!

Set Proper Expectations!

LOTFITS allows your team to set the proper expectations with the customer. This clears up uncertainties, increases upselling, and provides faster sign off of plot plan all in 3D!

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Improve Manual Process

With LOTFITS, engineers can prepare timely and costly lot fit matrix in minutes. LOTFITS does the heavy lifting after a community is prepared and the matrix can be run as often as needed.

Central Location for Plot Plans

LOTFITS allows for 3D viewing of Plot Plans. This takes the uncertanties away from your customer, organizes all Plot Plans for your builders and looks amazing!

Real Time Updates

Customers needs change constantly. If last minute changes occur, LOTFITS can handle them and allows for more timely turnaround times back to your builders!

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Happy Customers

Companies that use LOTFITS claim their customer experience has increased because of LOTFITS.

Less Mistakes

Using LOTFITS, costly misfit mistakes are no longer an issue. This helps your bottom line and improves the customer experience.

Enhanced Sales

The process of picking a home and lot can be intimidating for customers. LOTFITS helps paint a clear picture of your customers dream home!

LOTFITS Features

LOTFITS improves the 'Fit Process', engineering process and enhances the buyer experience by leveraging the existing engineering files to present a 3D depiction of their dream home and lot!

Select Your Plan

Whether you're a nationwide builder or a local developer with a subdivision under development, we have a plan for you!

Trusted by Some GREAT Builders!

LOTFITS has been a game changer for many builders. Whether they fell in love with the enhanced customer experience, the mistake free home fitting or the final deliverable, our customers LOVE LOTFITS!

What Our Customers Say

To say our customers are happy is an understatement.

Don't take our words for it, here is what our customers think about LOTFITS:

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